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We've created a unique and more personal approach to handling your IP portfolio.

A short introduction: The UK Trademark is a website operated by Mr. Ákos Süle, LL.M. (Berlin),  an IP lawyer and his #1 award winning team. You will find all credits under the link “imprint” of this page. We are certainly licenced to duly represent you before the UK IPO.

We offer intellectual property (IP) legal services. Especially, this site is dedicated to UK trademarks and design patent registrations. Moreover, we offer an uncomplicated, personal, non-technical registration process. 

Our biggest advantages are the quick turn-around time, high success rate. We also value frankness with clients, personal communication, clear pricing and low fees. At least this is what sets us apart on the UK market. We have a clear pricing model, we always try to anticipate costs exactly. The prices on this site are excl. VAT and we have no hidden fees (disbursements, etc.). We hope you that our clients will return to us with newer and newer branding ideas.

The process in seven steps

This is the typical timeline of a trademark registration in the United Kingdom, which is fairly straightforward:

  • First, receipt of your mark / brand or logo followed by ...
    Step 1
  • Checking and then finalizing the list of goods ans services of the trademark
    Step 2
  • Following that, payment of the trademark application fee, including official fees
    Step 3
  • Soon after, an identity trademark search in the databases of the UKIPO, EUIPO and of the WIPO
    Step 4
  • Right after that: trademark application at the UKIPO - online
    Step 5
  • In case of a smooth application, publication of the mark and passing the opposition period without opposition
    Step 6
  • Finally, receipt of the Certificate of Registration by mail
    Step 7

How to register a UK trademark? Well, first of all, it is a great advantage that you can get a UK trademark certificate as soon as four-five months. If we follow the above seven steps, then the process is mostly uncomplicated. Be noted that applicants from outside Europe need a trademark agent to represent them at the UK Intellectual Property Office. 

How to start all this? Unlike most services, we encourage you to contact us first if you have any queries. Until we get back to you, you could find the information in this section. We have tried to pinpoint the three most common questions about UK trademark applications:

Classes of Goods 

Trademarks are registered for certain goods / services. To build your list of goods / services, we recommend using since the UK IP Office uses a harmonized database.

The Mark

One trade mark can have multiple classes. Usual marks are word and device marks. For any other type of marks, please contact us so we can evaluate the chances or registration.

Documents Needed

Contrary to popular belief, no documents are needed for the trademark application. However, we will ask you to make sure that the name and address of the applicant are correct.


But isn’t a trademark application risky? If the UKIPO refuses the application, you would loose the application fee and the trademark agent’s fee in addition to your investments in the brand.

How to calculate risks...

You can rely on your market knowledge and market search. This is very important. A trademark search is of course also important, but you basically can expect oppositions from your competitors. If you are not familiar with the UK market, we can help you out and run some specific internet searches to learn about your competitors. As a result, at the day of application, you will exactly know how risky a UK trademark application is. Ultimately it is your decision to take business risks. It is our task to clear you up about them. Obviously, if a mark is risky, you can wait until the end of the opposition period before investing in it more moneys. 


For any inquiries please email:

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